Of Markets and Men

Lessons from the US and Europe for strategies to reach a better work/life balance
PublicatiesGepubliceerd op: 01-01-10

The undervaluation of care tasks and private life are of great concern to American feminists. The main culprits are the demanding market and the lack of good government policies. In this perspective different European countries appear to present different solutions. Both the Dutch solution part-time work – and the Scandinavian leave arrangements – lead to less time pressure, indeed.

However, this is thanks to women who spend more time at home and who assume the lion’s share of both childcare and household chores. Moreover, part-time work and generous welfare state schemes have a negative impact on their chances of promotion (glass ceiling).


  • Inburgering nieuwkomers

    Het Verwey-Jonker Instituut houdt zich sinds haar oprichting bezig met het vraagstuk van integratie van nieuwkomers in de samenleving. Met ons onderzoek ondersteunen we opdrachtgevers die ervoor willen zorgen dat nieuwkomers hun potentieel kunnen benutten.

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