New Fatherhood Concepts in European Cities
PublicatiesGepubliceerd op: 01-01-07
All 25 countries of the European Union are confronted with the issue of the equal participation of women and men in paid labor. As yet, in none of these countries such equality is a reality. More men than women have a fulltime job and the economic independence that comes with it. It is imperative to achieve more equality between women and men.

In this research project we explored to what extent fathers, being the pioneers of new forms of fatherhood, can be supported in their own living and working environment. The workshops we conducted in six European cities show that mutual contact between these fathers, information on the importance of the relationship between fathers and their children, and information on the possibilities of parental leave are of crucial importance.

The NewFaces Guidebook is the final outcome of the NewFaces project. The guidebook presents the project experiences, brings local authorities into gender equality debate, and highlights the pivotal role that cities can play in support of reconciliation policies and worklife balance.

The NewFaces Guidebook is available in English, Danish, German, Italian, Hungarian, Bulgarian and Spanish.


  • Trudi Nederland
  • Francesca Grippa
  • Maeva Zebrowski


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    Het Verwey-Jonker Instituut houdt zich sinds haar oprichting bezig met het vraagstuk van integratie van nieuwkomers in de samenleving. Met ons onderzoek ondersteunen we opdrachtgevers die ervoor willen zorgen dat nieuwkomers hun potentieel kunnen benutten.

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