Evidence-Based Guidelines on Health Promotion for Older People

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These guidelines are a comprehensive point of reference designed to develop and foster best practice in health promotion for older people. They are designed for use by health promotion practitioners, authorities at EU, national and regional levels, institutions and organisations which fund and develop health promotion programmes and projects, and by universities and research institutes.

The guidelines are based on several stages of work within the healthPROelderly project, which collected information on health promotion initiatives for older people. More specifically, healthPROelderly partners carried out a literature search in 11 European countries, collected more than 160 good practice examples for health promotion initiatives inthe project database and analysed 33 best-practice examples in detail.

The 16 guidelines, representing important criteria for good practice in health promotion activities for older people, are presented in a practical order starting with the guideline Target group and ending with Publicity and dissemination. Each guideline follows the same structure and contains examples of health promotion projects for older people in different European countries which can also be accessed through this website for further information. (Link to archived page)

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  • Katja van Vliet
  • Trudi Nederland


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