Faith-based Organisations and Social Exclusion in the Netherlands

Verwey-Jonker Institute:
Maarten Davelaar
Jessica van den Toorn

University of Groningen: Nynke de Witte; Justin Beaumont (University of Groningen); Corien Kuiper (University of Groningen)

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ISBN 978-90-334-8356-1
128 pag.

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This report provides an integrated overview of the Dutch case-studies exploring faith-based activities in Tilburg, Rotterdam and Amsterdam. It also contains elements of the national context report on Faith-based organisations and social exclusion (Davelaar et al. 2009), published in a volume of seven national context reports (Dierckx et al, eds. 2009).

The European research project FACIT on Faith-based organisations (FBOs) and social exclusion in Cities addresses questions about the changing and present role of FBOs in matters of poverty and other forms of social exclusion (such as social isolation, homelessness or undocumented persons) in 21 cities across 7 countries. Participating countries are: Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, UK, Turkey, Spain and Sweden. What is, for example, the position of FBOs in combating poverty and other forms of social distress in cities? How has this role changed over time and how do these activities contribute to combating social exclusion and promoting social cohesion? And: what are the implications for policies and the governance of European cities?

This research was conducted within the EU 7th Framework and has involved national and urban level fieldwork in the seven countries based on interviews and desk-research and includes an innovative cross-evaluation methodology.