Caring is sharing

Drs. Sandra ter Woerds
Dr. Monique Stavenuiter
Prof. dr. Jan Willem Duyvendak

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ISBN 978-90-5830-250-2
153 pag. € 12,00

Involvement of fathers in care and household tasks in five European countries

Gender issues and gender-related problems are on the agenda in most European countries. Female employment levels are still significantly lower than those of men. An analysis of domestic activities throughout the EU shows that men continue to devote less time to household tasks than their partners. However, mens participation in domestic chores and child care has certainly changed over the years, and this change seems set to continue.

Caring is sharing reflects the practice and views of fathers on their role within the house-hold and in caring tasks. Interviews were conducted with fathers in five European countries: Poland, Latvia, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands. This report takes a close look at the fathers perspective on role sharing between men and women.

This report is one of the outcomes of the Pariteia project that sets out to: Promote gender equality in active European citizenship. Pariteia is an initiative of the European Movement in Brussels. The European Commission supports Pariteia through the European Community Programme. For further information, see the Pariteia website: Pariteia.