Child and Juvenile Delinquency

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Dr. Sima Nieborg, R. Bendit, W. Erler, H. Schäfer

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ISBN 90-5830-034-x
361 pag. € 23,-

Strategies of Prevention and Intervention in Germany and the Netherlands

In local communities, dealing with child and juvenile delinquency is a day to day affair. The increase of ethnic and social divisions and experiences in problem-burdened neighbourhoods have recently led to a call for a different approach. New initiatives are a mix between established ideas on prevention and unexplored partnerships (e.g. partnerships between social work and the police, often aided by paraprofessionals, volunteers, neighbours and families). These initiatives have focussed attention on the approach of child and juvenile delinquency on a community level. This book contains contributions form the areas of science, (local) politics and local communities.