European cities and local social policy

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European cities and local social policy

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Drs. Maarten Davelaar
Drs. Hugo Swinnen
Drs. Sandra ter Woerds

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Survey on developments and opinions in six European countries.

Commissioned by the Federal Social Insurance Office of Switzerland, Verwey-Jonker Institute made an exploratory survey into developments and opinions in six European countries in the field of local social policy. The basic question to be answered was: why and how to develop social policies on city or agglomeration level.

The study gives first of all a description of the actual concerns of different Swiss actors in this matter: policy makers at different levels, representatives of professionals and scientists. It then describes the outcomes of five case studies in different European countries:

  • France: The implementation of the minimum income scheme in Rennes;
  • Spain: Social Service delivery in “One stop shops” in Madrid;
  • Norway: At the crossroads of Family Policy and Social Security;
  • The Netherlands: The roles of National, Regional and Local Governments in urban policy;
  • England: The Neighbourhood Renewal Strategy.

In the conclusions and recommendations of the study, the central key words are: the definition of an urban social policy agenda, a consequent interpretation of the principle of subsidiarity, multi level and multi sector partnerships for integrated policies, improvement of visibility of issues, problems, policies and social policy instruments.

This study goes beyond the description of good practice. It compares different social policy domains in different countries in order to focus on social policy strategies and local governance. Therefore, the publication not only serves its commissioners. It is also of special interest to all those in the six countries involved (and in Europe at large) who are interested in shifts of responsibilities for social policy within and between governance levels.

Publication language: German, French, and English

For more information on the Federal Social Insurance Office of Switzerland, please visit, actueel/persberichten/2004/europese_steden_hebben_eigen_sociale_agenda_nodig,


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