Onafhankelijk onderzoek actueel en richtinggevend

About the Institute

Social research that really matters!

The Verwey-Jonker Institute conducts scientific research on social issues. Our independent experts are guided by a strong sense of social relevance and urgency. We guarantee that their solid research provides our clients with useful results that can help them reach their goals, such as more effective policy or more citizen involvement. Therefore, we actively make our research available to the public: we want to make a difference.

Diverse, competent and of excellent quality

In our institute, you will find a wide range of expertise in different topics: poverty, neighbourhoods, decentralizations, diversity, youth, education, upbringing, the elderly, participation, sexual and domestic violence, sports, Wmo (Social Support Act), security, employment and income and care. Expanding our expertise and knowledge is essential. We do not hesitate to tackle new (unknown) issues. We are ISO certified, so you can count on the fact that we work in the right way and that we get the job done in time.

Qualified researchers

Our team of over thirty-five scientists has mastered a variety of qualitative and quantitative research methods. They have extensive experience in research on hard to reach populations, are keen on new developments and have a great understanding of all sorts of social dilemmas and problems.

Our organization

Dr. Majone Steketee (Chairman of the Board of Directors) and Prof. Dr. Hans Boutellier constitute the Board of Directors. The Supervisory Board is comprised of Jaap Smit (Chairman), Hans Kamps, Maarten van Poelgeest, Monique Kremer, Lieke Sievers en Marjolein ten Hoonte.
Our organization is registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Utrecht under the number 41 18 58 48. Our VAT number is: 8024.54.616.B01.

More information?

For more information please contact us at (030) 23 00 799 or secr@verwey-jonker.nl. You can also submit your research questions or request a quote this way.

International publications

Kennisplatform Integratie & Samenleving offers research and practical tools concerning integration and diversity issues. This knowledgeplatform is a joint program of Verwey-Jonker Instituut and Movisie and is funded by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment.