Services available in the Netherlands for young persons who have experienced sexual abuse and sexual violence

National report for the Netherlands Daphne project

All the support, services and treatment, which young people with experiences of sexual abuse could possibly need, seem in principle available in the Dutch service providing network. Much less certainty can be obtained about the accessibility, the quality and the effectiveness of the service provision for these young people. It is clear that only part of them actually receive some sort of formal support and help, even though many of them could benefit from it. Prevalence data and needs assessments that would allow precise estimates, are missing, but it can nevertheless be inferred that the discrepancy between potential use and actual use is considerable.

These were findings obtained in an inventory (mapping) of the service network available in The Netherlands for young people who experienced sexual abuse and violence. The inventory was made as part of an international project, that under the Daphne Initiative of the European Union, was executed in the United Kingdom, Italy and The Netherlands. In addition to the mapping exercise, based on information obtained from young people from the target group and key informants of the service network, a first global insight was obtained in the accessibility and effectiveness of the services.

The researchers identified several factors, which possibly hamper and obstruct accessibility and effectiveness. They found among others: the lack of specific and recognisable service programs for young persons with sexual abuse experiences, bureaucratic intake procedures, waiting lists, insufficient specific training and experience of service personnel and insufficient co-operation of service providers within a certain region. More research will be needed to collect sufficient evidence for more precise conclusions about each of these factors.

The report concludes with provisional recommendations for improvements in the service network and specific recommendations for further research.

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Drs. Willem Melief, L. Verkuyl
Drs. Meta Flikweert


ISBN 90-5830-035-8
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